Would you like a cheer squad? I’m excellent at being the support.


Ooh, a cheer squad for studying! Is that a thing? If it isn’t, it should be.

You are encouraging, and for that I give you credit. I can’t be that enthusiastic about studying if I tried.

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Just poured myself a cup of steaming hot tea, and now it’s time to get down to business. I will finish this paper tonight if it kills me.

Today should be french fry Friday


Cupcake Wednesday, today I’m just craving some french fries. How about yourself?

Is there a food for every day?

I crave food all the time. Tonight I’m in a mood for bundt cake, though. There’s this cute little shop a few miles out of town that I love. But french fries at Antebellum’s are always delicious, if they weren’t so over-priced.



Me being a klutz and not thinking about it I wore the wrong shoes today. Because its raining or was and yeah. Just me. But I’ll be ok. How’re you?

Ah, we’ve all been in that boat before. Sorry you had to go through it on a Monday, though, that just makes the whole thing worse. I’m doing pretty good, thanks. Finally getting around to meeting a lot of new people.



I should have worn sweats and sneakers to class. Ugh. At least I have no broken bones. Thank you to the nameless brunette boy who helped me to my feet and to the medical office.

Oh goodness, are you alright? What happened?


I’m sure you’ll fit in just fine, my girlfriend Addison was never a big party girl but she did get herself into it a bit. Trust me, you’ll be fine. And if you ever need anything let me know!

I’ll keep that in mind! Thank you very much for a warm welcome and a fun first-meeting conversation. I’m not sure how much I could do to help you, but consider the offer mutual.